"The Devil's Gone To Dinner" Premiering on All Things Go

The Devil's Gone To Dinner is about the moment you realize something has to end cause it's sucking the life out of you. You did everything you could and you went absolutely nowhere. It's hard to watch someone willingly throw their life away, you wanna fix it, change it, stop it, anything--you give what you got but you wind up being the enemy. You can't ask for forgiveness from those who can't first forgive themselves. You can pray to God for your soul and theirs and hope you both find peace one day. Listen to the next song from my album In Loving Memory Of When I Gave A Shit premiering on All Things Go!!

You'll be able to download & stream the song later tonight in US. For my lovies in the rest of the world it'll be available for you on Friday 💕💖

Emily Antonicci