"The Courtyard" Premiering on Ladygunn

I woke up in my best friends apartment in Hollywood on New Years Day to the garbage truck picking up the party leftovers on the street from the night before. I went to the courtyard in his building and sat in the sun and thought about my hangover, about what this year might be like, about how I forgot to text my mom and tell her I got home safely, about how I've never been in love with anything more than music...Lord knows I've always just been trying to figure it out but it feels good to say it with music. This is my hymn to my life, hallelujah, day by day I am trying.

Listen to "The Courtyard" from 'In Loving Memory Of When I Gave A Shit' premiering now on Ladygunn.

The song will be available for all of you cool cats later this week 😻

Emily Antonicci