New "Shine" Video Premiering on Fallon Tonight's Tumblr

I found myself at an all time personal low at the end of 2014. Depression was taking over my life and I was finding it really fucking hard to get any peace of mind. I was living in New York City and that wasn't helping my mental state so I moved back to my hometown of Jackson, Tennessee to do a hard reset. I woke up one morning and wrote this song as a reminder to myself that, ultimately, I'm the only person that can help myself, fix myself and pull myself outta what I was going through. I've lost a few very dear friends to suicide and I've always been burdened by the feeling that there was more that I could have done. This song is in honor of them, a tribute to how beautiful they were and how beautiful they still are to me. I can feel them shining and it makes me want to shine for them.

Watch the video for "Shine" premiering on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon's Tumblr here.

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Emily Antonicci