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New Song "Leaning" Out Now!

I’m so happy that my new song #leaning is finally out in the world 🙏 I wrote this song with Doug Schadt, an excellent writer/human and when we sat down in the studio, he asked me what I wanted to write about and I told him I wanted to write about my depression. I wanted to write about the up and down, the fight against it, the sometimes letting it win so it keeps me in bed all day, the knowing how to fix it sometimes and being lost other times. The depression demon in my head is abusive and degrading, writing to it and about it helps me visualize what my feelings really are and then attack it head on. But this song is about remembering to love the good things about yourself and give up trying to love anything that hurts you. I find new strength every day in my journey and I’m thankful to be able to share my heart with all of you. ♥️ You can listen to Leaning here.

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